Friday, August 1, 2008

Racer runs red, loses car

A driver who tried to outrun local police after getting four flat tires, has had his car, and the flat tires, impounded by police for seven days.
Police say the car, a ’97 Pontiace Grand Prix was clocked at 50 kilometres in excess of the speed limit on Highway 101 in the Schumacher area on Wednesday. According to police, the driver refused to pull over, tried to evade police, was involved in a collsion and left the scene of that collision.
As a result, police say 20-year-old Ronald Hansen of Schumacher is charged with racing, failing to stop for a red light, failing to stop for police and failing to remain at the scene of a collsion.
Police say Hansen has also had his driving privileges suspended for seven days.

1 comment:

yukonchatterbug said...

A 20-yr old having his driving privileges suspended for only seven days? This after, let's see:

-speeding at 50km in excess of the speed limit, which translates into speeds of more than 100km/hr in an area where kids have to cross the busy highway to get to the arena
-racing through the red late in same zone
-not pulling over for police (duh)
-crashing his car
-leaving the scene

A seven day suspension amounts to a slap on the hand with "Tsk! Tsk! Please be more careful next time."