Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Car crashes into pole

Traffic on the main artery in Timmins was blocked for roughly half an hour at noon today when a car crashed into a utility pole on Algonquin Boulevard, just west of Balsam Street. Police believe the driver of the car suffered some sort of medical problem just before the crash. The driver was transported to Timmins and District Hospital.
Car Crash Update at 3:00 p.m. - - Timmins Police says a crash on Algonquin Boulevard today denmonstrates the value of seat belts. Police say a 17-year old-male driver suffered a seizure today, crashed his car into a telephone pole which snapped off. The car then continued westbound along Algonquin, went up on the sidewalk, then crossed into the eastbound lane and then hit a building at Algonquin and Maple. Police say the driver suffered only minor injuries which would have been worse, had he not been wearing his seatbelt.

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