Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Parking Rates Changing Downtown

The city and the Downtown Timmins BIA are working together on a new plan to improve parking in the downtown core and in the perimeter area that surrounds the downtown.
The city has passed changes to the parking bylaw to allow for an increase in the time people can park at downtown on-street meters, along with an increase in the cost of parking at the downtown on-street meters.
The new rate for most downtown on-street meters will go from 50-cents per hour to 75-cents per hour. The meters will allow the user to buy time in 15-minute increments.
Downtown meters will have a new two-hour time limit.
In cases were meters are not located in the immediate downtown core, the price of parking will remain the same at 50-cents per hour.
For those who like to purchase monthly passes, there is something of a bargain for the city parking lot at Knox Street and Kirby Avenue, just south of the TeleTech parking lot.
The monthly parking fee of $40 per month at that lot only, has been reduced to $10 per month. Monthly parking passes are other lots, which may be purchased on a lot by lot basis, are still at $40.
Changes to the parking bylaw also allow that those wth proper handicapped parking permits may park for two hours free at all meters and municipal parking lots.

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