Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Timmins taxi rates go up

Taxi rates in Timmins are going up so that local cab companies can stay profitable in view of the increasing price of gasoline.
Timmins city council this week ratified the recommendation from the Timmins Police Service Board to increase both the drop-rate and the per-kilometre rate.
The drop-rate, which is when the driver starts the meter, is going up from $3.25 to $3.60. That’s a monetary increase of 35-cents; a percentage increase of 11.1 per cent. The kilometre rate is going up from $1.50 per kilometre to $1.75 per kilometre.
Senior citizens, aged 60 and over, qualify for a ten per cent discount. The flat rate to the airport from downtown Timmins is set at $25.00.
The highest flat rate, from Kamiskotia Lake to the airport, is set at $60.00. From downtown Timmins to the Kidd met site, the rate is $35.00. The rate to the Kidd minesite is $40.00.
While council was discussing the taxi rates, councillor John Curley expressed concern that too many cab drivers still smoke in their vehicles, which he says is wrong because the smell of the nicotine lingers inside the car.
The rate was set following meetings held with Vet’s Taxi, Beal Taxi and A1 Taxi and the Timmins Police Services Board.
City councillor Mike Doody, who is also a member of the police board, defended the rate hike. Doody said with the cost of insurance, licencing and fuel, none of the three cab companies in Timmins “is going to get overly wealthy” and that the rate hike will only help the local companies stay in business.

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Concerned Citizen said...

People have forgotten that last time gas was at 1.39 a litre after katrina hit, we gave these taxi owners a increase because the fuel was to high... gas prices are only a nickel higher than they were then. Yet they did NOT reduce rates when the gas went back down to 1.14. So When the gas goes back down in while and then it skyrockets up to 1.50 they will be crying poor again!