Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Timmins police continue ATV crackdown

Timmins Police are continuing a crackdown on the use of ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles), quads, and dirt-bike style motorcycles in city parks and nature trails.
There will be a zero tolerance approach to any offenders caught riding their ATVs and dirt bikes in local parks and conservation areas says Timmins Police Service Sergeant Bill Aird.
Aird says the vehicles present a danger to the many hikers and families who use the parks.
“The City of Timmins as well as many area non-profit groups spends a lot of time and money to keep these parks open for residents to enjoy. Persons operating off road vehicles in the parks cause damage and are a danger to people enjoying the benefits of the park,” he said.
“A zero tolerance approach by the Timmins Police Service will be taken as well when persons are drinking alcohol in our parks, causing mischief or having fires,” Aird said. “The City parks are not for consuming alcohol, causing mischief and having fires. Persons in contravention to this will be charged,” he added.
Police have initiated their own ATV patrols throughout the city to enforce the laws pertaining to ATVs.
Aird says patrols will include all parks from Bannerman Park in Porcupine to the White Water Park in South Porcupine. Schumacher Lions Park, Hollinger Park, as well as all other obvious parks, conservation areas and nature trails in the Timmins area.
Earlier this year, Timmins Police issued an advisory that the streets of the city are off limits to ATVs and other off-road vehicles.
Police say ATV’s cannot be operated on any city street, even if the user is heading out to the nearest bush trail. ATV users must trailer their machine to a remote bush area where they can then be offloaded for riding.
ATVs are allowed on crown land in remote bush areas, but riders must carry appropriate documents wsith respect to licencing, ownership and insurance.
Aird says anyone witnessing off-road vehicles in the parks or on the nature trails should contact police at 264-1201“for immediate action.”

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