Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Timmins Police urge internet vigilance

The Timmins Police Service reports more complaints have surfaced with respect to the internet scam involving fraudulent bank drafts.
The scam involves the sale of items over the net, where the purchaser “mistakenly” sends a bank draft for too much money to the seller. The purchaser then e-mails the seller asking for a refund of the so-called overpayment on the bank draft.
By the time the refund is sent, it becomes obvious that the original bank draft was bogus and the bank refuses to honour that original amount. It means the local seller is left with no money from the sale, as well as losing whatever money was sent back as a refund.
The Timmins Police Service is advising that it does not believe that the persons who are responsible for this scam are from the Timmins area or the names that they are using are real.
Online buyers and sellers are urged to be vigilant with online transactions and to be certain that all bank drafts and deposits are legitimate.

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