Friday, April 18, 2008

Timmins creeks running high, fast and cold

Children and pets should be kept away from all fast flowing creeks in the City of Timmins in the coming days.
That warning comes from spokesman Kees Pols of the Upper Mattagami River Water Management Committee, which issued a news release this week.
“Town Creek and Crawford Creek are flowing very fast and you know that water is super cold,” Pols told The Timmins Times.
“So this is more of a water safety bulletin rather than a flood warning or flood advisory,” he added.
But he does advise that with the warmer weather, spring showers and melting snow, there will be conditions of higher water throughout the city.
“City residents can expect all area lakes and rivers to continue rising slowly in the coming days,” says the statement released by the committee. “Although some municipal drains have seen some localized flooding, the larger streams and creeks are open and flowing well. No flooding problems are expected at this time.”
The statement says the snowpack in the bush is “ripe” with water content 110 to 150 per cent above normal. Pols reports that the snow depth is on average 20 inches or 51 centimetres. The water content in that snow is around 6.5 inches or 165 mm.
He says upstream reservoirs on the Mattagami are at or near their minimum.
The statement also says the weather forecast for the next five to ten days is favourable with warmer temperatures, low humidity and windy conditions expected. Some scattered showers are also forecast. The greatest threat for flooding is from a prolonged, warm rain.

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