Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Timmins $100,000 salary sunshine list

The Ontario Government has once again released it’s list of government employees who are paid more than $100,000 annually. The information, informally called the Sunshine List, is published once a year by the Ontario Ministry of Finance showing the salaries of government workers for the previous year.
The list includes workers employed by the City of Timmins and the Timmins and District Hospital.
The top money earners at city hall include CAO Joe Torlone at $165,327; city clerk Jack Watson at $148,.500; city treasurer Bernie Christian at $131,863; community development director Mark Jensen at $121,686; public works deputy director Norm Bruce at $122,579; Golden Manor administrator Heather Bozzer at $112,491; water plant chief operator Bruce Larose at $110,259; human resources manager Rock Foy at $103,775; information technology director David Laneville at $103, 113; airport manager Harley Nikkel at $101,.514.
Other city salaries included Fire Chief Mike Pintar at $105, 195; Police Chief Richard Laperriere at $159, 589; Deputy Police Chief Des Walsh at $133, 431; Police Insp. Mike McGinn at $115, 785; Police Insp. Paul Bonhomme at $110,297; Staff Sergeant (now retired) Gary Benoit at $101,290.
TDH employees on the list include Administrator Esko Vainio at $280,564; Chief Nursing Officer Carol Halt at $158,876; Diagnostic Imaging Manager Guy Guindon at $125,955, Chief Financial Officer Brian Bennetts at $122,745; Registered Nurse Lorna Moreau at $120,174; Registered Nurse Stella Marenger at $120,058; Human Resources Director Richard Cylbulskie at $118,436; Chief Hurman Resources Officer Mike Resetar at $111,734; Registered Nurse Kristine Bielaski at $110,161; Registered Nurse Claudette Yungwirth at $108,570; Pharmacist Diane Lawrence at $107,772; Registered Nurse Helen Peever at $106,041; Registered Nurse Sandra Dunn at $101,032; Clinical Services Director Carlo Delorenzi at $100,694;

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