Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Log on and free tree at

A Timmins company well-known as a leader in a forest regeneration has issued a unique Earth Day challenge to anyone in the world.
Log on to the new website for Millson Forestry, at, before the end of the this month, send them an e-mail, and the company will plant a tree in your honour.
The challenge was kicked off Friday as Millson unveiled it’s new corporate website as part of a bid to “diversify” itself as a forestry company.
Company forester Monique Koski says Millson will also be selling trees as a “carbon offset” for individuals and organizations that want to make a pro-active statement for the environment.
“The forest industry has been in an unprecedented slump for quite some time, showing no signs of changing,” Koski told an audience and reporters and city officials on Friday. She said Millson has decided to take it’s product to the e-market with the launch of the new website, which includes an online store.
Internet browsers will be able to buys such products as balsam oil, soaps and “oxygen generators”, also known as trees.
“We will plant any number of trees, for anyone, anywhere, that is willing to offset their carbon footprint,” Koski said.
As an example, Koski says one boreal tree, through its lifetime, will offset the carbon produced to take one roundtrip airplane flight between Toronto and Timmins.
“But that’s just for one seat on the plane,” she says.
She says seedlings are a popular item for sale through the net.
“People can buy seedlings for weddings, anniversaries, all sorts of special events,’ said Koski.
She added that once a seedling is purchased, the buyer or recipient will get an e-mail informing when the seedling is planted and GPS coordinates of the area where the seedling is planted.
“It just makes sense because we grow the trees and we do plant trees,” she said.
“We’re going to plant the trees on private land because you know the government seems somewhat near-sighted and we don’t want to stop these trees from sequestering carbon over their entire lifetime. We’re going to monitor the trees and make sure they survive.”

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