Thursday, May 20, 2010

Forget about your 'May Run' campfire

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Timmins (May 20, 2010)- Well known Timmins-born comedian Derek Edwards likes to make fun of his May Run days in Timmins by joking about how he and his friends would try to jump over the camp fire.
They won't be doing that anytime soon around Timmins. There is a complete fire ban in place by the city and the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR).
The MNR Eastern Fire Region headquarters today issued a Restricted
Fire Zone order for Northeastern Ontario. That takes in everything from the French River northward to James Bay. It includes May Run campfires in the Timmins area.
"The Restricted Fire Zone will be in effect until further notice. All burning permits are suspended and all open air burning, including campfires, is prohibited. Within a Restricted Fire Zone, campers can still use portable gas or propane cook stoves for cooking and warmth but should exercise extreme caution," said the order from the MNR
There were 11 new fires confirmed in the East Fire Region on May 19. Timmins district had two fires of note. Timmins 7 west of Timmins was actioned by MNR FireRangers, and MNR waterbombers, said a statement from the MNR today. Ten MNR FireRanger crews are committed to suppressing the fire. The fire is approximately 125 hectares in size. Timmins 9, near Schumacher, is estimated at 83 hectares and required the evacuation of 10 nearby residents. The fire was responded to by both MNR and Timmins Fire Department. Four CL-415 waterbombers worked the fire until dark on the evening of May 19 and aggressive suppression will continues. There are two other fires in the Timmins district that were reported on May 19, both are less than two hectares and there are no problems anticipated said the MNR
Residents are reminded that if found responsible for a forest fire, they can be charged under the Forest Fires Prevention Act and/or be liable for the costs of suppressing the fire. This cost can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars, said the MNR.
So far this year in the East Fire Region, there have been 136 fires burning 900 hectares.
310-FIRE (3473) is the new, toll-free emergency forest fire reporting phone number across northern Ontario. Early detection and reporting are essential to quickly managing forest fires. Having one number will make it easier and more efficient for Ontarians to report forest fire emergencies. The number will operate north of the French and Mattawa Rivers.

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