Monday, September 29, 2008

Goldcorp reveals mining plans

Goldcorp Porcupine Gold Mines has revealed that it intends to create three new open pit mining operations at the old Hollinger Gold Mine property. Goldcorp PGM's strategic project manager Dave Bucar told Timmins city council this evening(in photo at left) that his company intends to create the new mining operation entirely within the existing property and fenceline of the known Hollinger property. Bucar says this will allay any fears in the community that may exist about the creation of a super-sized open pit that would take in parts of Schumacher, the McIntyre Arena and the Shania Twain Centre.
Bucar's revelations follow the news that was released by Goldcorp in 2007 that more than four-million ounces of gold have been identified through exploration drilling in and around the former Hollinger gold mine, one of the most lucrative gold mines in the history of Timmins.
"We are now moving into a permitting phase." said Bucar "We dont have any exact timing on construction or when the mine will begin." He says the timetable will be determined according to how quickly the various branches of government give the company permission to carry out mining operations.Bucar also revealed that in order to address concerns about dust, vibrations and noise that are part of an open pit mine, the company would be creating a rock wall, or a berm, twenty metres high along the entire perimeter of the project.

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Isn't the McIntyre Arena an historical building?