Friday, November 30, 2007

Coughing fit contributed to fatal accident

Timmins Police Service says no charges are warranted in the accident that killed a ten year old Timmins girl and sent another child to hospital on October 29.
In a statement released by Timmins Police it appears "an extreme coughing seizure resulted in the driver passing out" for a few brief moments.
“All of the evidence collected and interviews conducted appear to corroborate the information provided by the driver of the vehicle that struck Amelie Guertin and passengers inside the vehicle,” the police statement said.
“All evidence collected from the scene, driver, witnesses and vehicle’s data recorder support this conclusion and police can find no other reason why the accident happened.”
Amelie Guertin died from injuries she received in October as she and another girl walked home from school on Power Avenue. As the two girls were walking, a pickup truck came up from behind and hit the two girls before it crashed into the schoolyard fence where it came to a stop.
The other child in the accident was hurt, but she survived her injuries.

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