Sunday, June 3, 2007

Thunderstorm causes Landslide & Flooding

A large thunderstorm hit Timmins early Sunday evening, causing plenty of inconvenience for city residents. The most obvious was the temporary closing of Algonquin Boulevard at the Spruce Street underpass.

Storm sewers backed up there resulting in a flood more than two metres deep.
There was also a lightning strike on Toke Street that destroyed a clothes line. Firefighters said damage was minimal.
The other big problem was a landslide near Southern Avenue and Reliable Street that snapped a hydro pole and exposed an underground natural gas line. (that's the 4-inch yellow pipe in the photo below) The landslide washed away about 40 metres of ground and created a new waterfall in Timmins. (click the photo above, waterfall is on the right) The waterfall only lasted a few hours. Utility crews are still working on the hydro pole and exposed gas line.

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